Nyuwa mends the epigraph

Nyuwa, the mother goddess of Chinese mythology, mends the sky according to an ancient Chinese legend. Today, Nyuwa is asked to mend the epigraph of a continuous function over an open set so that the function becomes convex. What can we say

Allen School 配发的 MacBook

UW CSE 的 PhD 要约信中提到新入学的研究生都会获得一个免费电脑(有多种选择),我选了(标准选项里的)MacBook。这篇博文记录我初探 macOS 的事情。作为探索结果,我居然又给微软报了一个 bug!

Blogging my blog

A meta-blog that keeps the trace of my blog site. The first update in 2019 is the prompt notice feature, which is currently used to show the visitors the privacy notice.